Appeal to Devotees from SGS Vidhyapeetam – Mantralayam

Appeal to Devotees from Shri Gurusarvabhouma Samskruta Vidhyapeetam – Mantralayam || Sriman Moola Ramo Vijayathe || || Sri Gururajo Vijayathe || Admission to Sri Guru Sarvabhouma Samskritha Vidyapeetha Sri Gurusarvabhouma Samskritha Vidyapeeta, an institution under Sri Raghavendra Swamy Matha in the sacred place of Sri Mantralaya has been producing expert vidwans, veda pandithas, purohitas and subject experts in the fields of Shastras, Vedas, etc. The institution is also nominating experts in the various schools and dharmika kendras and spreading the tenets of Jnana and Bhakti. His holiness Sri Sri Subudhendra Theertha Swamiji has chalked out plans to encourage this field to create experts 1. When a student enrolls to the institution, a deposit amount of Rs 38000/- would be made in the name of the student, and this deposit will grow continuously till the student graduates from the institution. The Deposit and the interest accrued will be given to the student when they finish their studies for assistance in their future. 2. When any student completes the study of Sriman Nyaya Sudha, during the Sudha Mangala programme a special appreciation award of Rs 1,00,000/- would be provided 3. When any student completes the study of Sri Chandrika, during the Chandrika Mangala programme a special appreciation award of Rs 50,000/0 would be provided 4. Along with the studies of Vedas, Shastras, the students are encouraged and supported to also take up regular board studies and exams. 5. Strong guidance and coaching from the subject matter experts would be provided for 4 years to the students undertaking Purohitya courses 6. Strong guidance and coaching from the subject matter experts would be provided for 1 year to the students undertaking Archaka courses 7. Meritorious students who graduate from these programmes would be provided employment in the Sri Matha His holiness sanctioned Rs 11000 monthly allowance and also provided employment to all the students who recently completed the historic SudhaMangala programme Students from the trimatha brahmins who would study Vedas, Shastras, Purohitya, Sri Nyaya sudha in the Vidyapeeta at Mantralaya are offered free accomodation and food and help them become experts in their respective areas. Sri Matha also supports 12 years of full study and help them take appropriate exams to excel in their fields. Sri Matha now invites interested students in the age group of 7 – 14 years to enrol to this programme and become experts. Sri Matha appeals to all its devotees and their families and friends to enroll their kids to Sri Mathas, Vidyapeeta and make use of this opportunity and get the blessings of Sri Gurusarvabhoumaru. For more details, please contact before 1st of June 2017 to the below reference PRINCIPAL, SRI GURUSARVABHOUMA SAMSKRITHA VIDYAPEETA MANTRALAYA Phone: 08512 – 279496