4th day of Guru Bhakti Vaibhavotsava

The fourth day of the utsava saw a rare amalgamation of spiritual leaders. H. H. Swamiji was joined by Srimannarayana Chinna Jeeyr Swamiji, ParipornandaSwamiji and Mettur Mutt Swamijis. H.H. accorded them honours in-line with Shri Mathas parampare. The audience were treated to a visual treat to watch the stage being shared by six ochre-clad Hindu saints and each one of the swamijis delivered a meaningful message. The gathered crowds were also treated to SRI RAYARA KARUNE a Pouranika Drama. FELICITATION TO: Vidwan Botony Ramachandrachar, Bengaluru. Vidwan Gudebellur Venkata Narasimhachar, Dharwad. Sri Sagarada Hulikuntachar, Bommagatta. Srinivasa Annadana Choultry, Bommagatta.